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Down Memory Lane Collection

This collection is a tribute to my late father. He passed away in 2013 and to be honest, I haven’t been able to deal with the fact that he is no longer (physically) here with us. I told myself: if I did something to honor his memory, the memories I have of him and I, than I might, just slightly be able to carry on knowing that he’s better and no longer suffering in the presence of our God. So this collection is in his memory. To celebrate the full, life loving, God worshiping person that he was. He was so funny, handsome with a gorgeous smile. A disciplined man with no room for BS.

How does this work? So, I have attached a memory to each piece in the collection. BTW, I’ve only got 7 pieces in this collection 😊 Behind each piece, I tell a story of a memory I have of my Dad and I, good, bad, ugly…Obviously, there are more memories but these are the 7 that made the cut, for not reason whatsoever 😊

At the end of the day, I don’t want pity nor tears. This is a happy collection not a sad one. I am showcasing that even in deep void and emptiness, beautiful things can emerge. I always want to let you know that you aren’t alone, out there, feeling the pain and anger. I get it. But also know that better days are ahead, if you can give yourself a chance to live through them 😊

I hope you love them just as much as I do. Want to ear me tell these stories? Follow me on Instagram @chez_kwetu