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Nouveau Départ (New Beginning)

I called this collection Nouveau Départ because it is a precedent to what is to come in my personal and professional life.

You see, I've had a dream for the longest time to help those in needs, mostly kids and women. To build an orphanage back in RD Congo but the dream looked so big that it scared me. Not knowing where and how to start! So I shut it down, put it in a box that I closed and hid away. Until couple of weeks ago, when the word "orphanage" started ringing in my head and I couldn't understand why.

Fast forward to now, the present, I am happy to share that I've partnered with a charity organization that has the same ambition and goal to help the kids and women back in RD Congo and eventually maybe AFRICA? (Why not hein?). Our goal is to guarantee that kids have food on their table each month, provide the necessities (toiletries) for the girls, send the kids to school and eventually clean up the orphanage (fix the toilet, paint, furniture and such).

To celebrate this initiative, I will be giving 50% of the profit made from this collection to two causes: 

  1. Providing assistance to " les cris des enfants" orphange located in Kinshasa, in the municipality of Selembao. The orphanage currently has 55 kids

  2. Helping a Women's Co-op that needs equipment and crops for their agricultural initiative. They are called Centre d'Appuie à la Promotion Féminine d'Intenga (CEAPPROFEMI), located in RD Congo in the Province of Kwango. 
Our charity is called "Bodi Batu" which simply translates to "l'union fait la force" in French and in English: "Together we are stronger". 

If you'd like to know more about us, send us an email at or to my business email

Thank you so much for supporting my business because you are also allowing me to help those that can't help themselves. Your support means the world to me/us. 

If you'd like to stay informed, sign up to my emailing list. I will be sending photos and talking more about the charity in the blog.

Thank you :)

Dawn/ Mama D.