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The Kid in Me

Growing up back back home, in Kananga, we didn't have a playroom or a section in our bedroom for our books and toys. Instead, my playroom was the neighborhood. We had the whole street, the school yard, the neighbors compound as our playground.

We'd play under the sun or the rain. When one kid was ready to play, he/she would go on the sstreet and ask: who's ready to play? or call us, the other kids by our names and ask us to come play on the street. 

This was truly the best of times. We'd play with or without shoes one, for hours. Running left and right, jumping fences, climbing trees, you name it. There was no such term as "girl" vs "boys". We were all kids having the best of times before our parents called for us for night shower and bedtime :)

So, this collection is really my imagination running wild...If I had a playroom for myself, what would I have in there for decor. If I had my own bedroom growing up, if I had a nook to read on...

From that imagination, I am giving you the "Kid in Me". The things I would have loved to see or have but don't limit these pieces to just a playroom, they are great for nurseries, toddler's, young girls, entrance way, staircase, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, closed-in patio...the list goes on and on...

I hope you find the whimsical in them as I do :)