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Winter/Holiday: The Gift Box

I taught naming the winter launch " The Gift Box" was appropriate for the season we are in. This year has been really hard for most of us and the idea of someone receiving a gift box, wrapped in a beautiful box, unexpectedly from a loved one or a friend could bring unimaginable joy to both the gifter and the receiver.

For the Winter/holiday launch, I am releasing two products:

- my infamous African Fabric Handmade Ornaments: sold in pack of 5

- personalized Wall Decor D.I.Y kit. want to know what makes them personalized? See for yourself

For the D.I.Y kit, I will be sending a pre-recorder video showing you how to put together all the pieces in your kit to create your own Afro Bohemian wall decor.

The last time I listed my D.I.Y kit and ornaments, they sold out so I hope you get a chance to grab one or two :)

Want me to send a note with your gift box, no problem. Send me an email with your message and I will include it in your package.

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