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ARRIVAL is the story of me seeing my Dad after being apart for 12 years. Let me tell you that our relationship didn’t start on the lovey side. I was so angry because the trip was long, because I didn’t understand nor spoke English, my luggage’s where lost…I felt out of place and the man standing in front of me, calling himself Dad, looked nothing like the “Dad” I remembered. My Dad in return was angry because he couldn’t understand my frustration and attitude. So, he responded the best way he knew how.

If you'd like to ear more about this story, come check it on my YouTube channel: @chez kwetu



  • Wood disk measures 8”
  • The silver brass ring measures 3.5cm
  • Two colors of glass seed beads: Magenta and Teal
  • The beads measure 11in long
  • Blue and cream Mudcloth textile
  • A silver pin that serves to attach the silver ring with beads to the Mudcloth textile

This piece is so versatile in the sense that you can chose to hang the silver ring with the beads on top, in the middle or at the bottom of the wood disk on the Mudcloth textile. You can also choose to remove the brass ring with beads to change up the look of the décor.


  • Each piece is unique because it is handmade
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