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This is the memory of one of the best days of my life, possibly, of my dad’s life too. He pulled himself together, gathered all the strength he could, wore his nice outfit that could fit his slim body and opened the doors of his home to the family that was about to make me their daughter.

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  • Wood disk measures 8 in
  • Two colors of glass beads chains, hand threaded: Orange and mix of blues and purples
  • The beads measure 15 in long
  • Dark grey and cream Mudcloth textile
  • The silver brass ring holding the beads chains measures 5 cm

The beauty of this piece lies in its uniqueness. I mean, have you seen some similar as of yet?

You are the master of your style. Have fun with it. The beads chains on this piece can be interchanged in it styling. You can have them draped on top of the orange or flowing down. Better yet, have one side drape and the other flow, Why not? Get the best of both worlds. Patters, prints and textures are fun, so have fun with it.

 Excellent wall hanging for the special place in your home (which I am sure is every room). If you have a dresser room or a beauty room, this piece will fit right in there.

 Want to hold the badge of “best gifter”, this is it or any other of my pieces 😊



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