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Meet "Femme"

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Femme is french for "woman". Can you pin point the exact time when your mother finally muttered these words to you: "You can't no longer do that anymore because you are now a woman"--- Frankly, I can't remember. Every memory of my young age is blurry in my mind. What I wonder is this: What boxes do we need to check off to determine that we've entered womanhood?

In my case, becoming a wife made me a femme. In my culture, getting married, moving to your own home, taking care of your husband and home are the qualifying points and as sad as that is, it is what made me feel like a woman. Stand out word is "responsibilities"...

I don't particularly hate the way things happened. It's wasn't forced on me or anything. True is, we are prepared from a young age for this day, the one day that will change the course of your life. Some resent it, some can't wait for the day to come, and some just couldn't care less. Anyways, I am femme today and I have no regret with how I got here, groomed since my young age or not. I am here, accomplished, happy and rooted and that matters to me.



- Embroidery hoop is 10"

- African Mud Cloth from Mali in color White with black designs

- The glass beads are black with gold 

- The cotton yarn is velvet in Pine color

- The length from the embroidery hoop to end of yarn is 29"



- Each piece is unique because it is handmade

- Please allow between 1-2 days for in stock pieces to be shipped and between 3-5 days for pieces that needs to be shipped