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My Dad looked straight at my face and said: Your lips are so red and shiny that I can see myself in them, like a mirror. In my dad’s language, he was trying to tell me that he didn’t like the look, not on his 16 years old.

In his defense, it was the period when lip gloss on top of a colored lipstick was very popular. You know, trying to make your lips look like the Bratz (if you remember them 😊). This memory always made me laugh and giggle at the same time because that was my Dad, full on sense of humor and tells it like it is.

More about this story on my YouTube channel. Check me out: @chez kwetu



  • Wood disk measures 8 in
  • Three colors of glass beads: Milk, Gold and some Silver in the mix (not a lot)
  • The beads measure 8.5 in long
  • Red and cream Mudcloth textile
  • The gold ring brass holding the beads chains measures 5.5 cm
  • The full length of the piece is 19.5 in long

This piece is great to add to an existing gallery wall or make it the focal point for your in-the work- gallery wall.

Hang it beside a shelf with a plant on it or in your small space for some much-needed color and interest. This piece is gorgeous. A conversation starter. If you need a piece to brighten up your room, this is it. You can pretty much enjoy this wall hanging anywhere in your home 😊- No restrictions apply here 😊



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