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Only a teenager who is on a mission to give her parents a heart attack can do what I had done 😊 This memory is from my high school years, grade 12. It was time to apply for universities/colleges. Instead of doing what any good kid will do and consult, discuss and apply with her parents, I went on ahead and did as I pleased, without saying a word to my parents about anything…

Ear the rest of the story on my YouTube channel: @chez kwetu



  • Wood disk measures 8”
  • Two colors of glass beads: Teal and Milk
  • The beads measure 3in long
  • Blue and cream Mudcloth textile
  • The beads are added in a fading style from milk to teal color

This piece is great to add to an existing gallery wall or make it the focal point for your in-the work- gallery wall.

 I’d also recommend it for a nursery. It will be so good, tucked in that nook area, beside that shelf where you have that trailing plant.

 Why stop there, right? You can pretty much enjoy this wall hanging anywhere in your home 😊- No restrictions apply here 😊



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