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About Us

A little about myself!

My name is Dawn or Mama D. I am a wife to the most amazing person on heart and the Mama of two handsome boys and a beautiful girl that I call Lady K because she is the lady of the house :)

Why am I here you ask?
Well, let me tell you. I'm originally from Kinshasa, capital of the DR Congo, but now residing in Ontario, Canada. The love of my birthplace and the culture is what got me here.

I sell handmade home wares incorporating one of the gems of my home country: the African fabric. I am particularly in love with the Mud Cloth textile, originally from Mali. Most of the African fabric are used to make outfits but I told myself, why limit its use to only that? And that is how I started Chez Kwetu.

I love the design and the individuality of each print, the vibrant, eclectic colors and the different texture of each material. My love for this cultural artifact and my ability to put my mind to work has led me to this point, where I can share my passion and culture with you all. 

Chez Kwetu simply means "home" and I hope you get inspired by some of my pieces and that they'll make your house feel a bit more like a home!