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Charitable Work

Our charity is called "Bodi Batu" which simply translates to "l'union fait la force" in French and in English: "Together we are stronger".

Our mission is to provide financial support to small orphanages and centres in RD Congo. We are a non profit association, composed of 3 members. 

Here are the two charities we're currently supporting:

- Providing assistance to " Les cris des enfants" orphange located in Kinshasa, in the municipality of Selembao. The orphanage currently has 55 kids

- Helping a women's co-op that needs equipment and crops for their agricultural initiative. They are called Centre d'Appuie à la Promotion Féminine d'Intenga (CEAPPROFEMI), located in RD Congo in the Province of Kwango. 

If you'd like to financially contribute to this cause, you can email

Together we are Stronger

In Q3 of 2020, as a small business, we were able to donate the amount of $563 to the charity.

This was made possible because of your support. And I will forever be thankful.

Inquire about our charitable work

Send me a message with this form, or by email at Kindly allow between 1-2 business days for us to answer your inquiry.