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I grew up in a Christian family. For us, there was no rule greater than this one: “No one misses church on Sunday, no matter what” You can party until 6 am, but you better, you got to be in the car by 8 am for church, PERIOD.

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  • Wood disk measures 8”
  • Three colors of glass beads chains, hand threaded: Black, Black-gold and Yellow
  • The beads measure 10.5in long
  • White and Black Mudcloth textile
  • The gold brass ring holding the beads chains measures 4.5cm
  • The full length of the piece is 18in long

To have faith and hope, what a way to live! The beauty though, is when you put it to work and see it work! … it’s more than magic. 

My prayer is that you never loss hope in life, no matter how hard and complicated it gets. There is always a hand, stretched out for you.

 Give the gift of love and hope with this piece to a loved one. It looks small but has a warm and welcoming presence to it.



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