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Meet "Douce"

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Douce is a french word that simple means "sweet". Today I consider myself to be sweet. I kid you not, for the longest time, that word mint little to nothing to me. My siblings used to make fun of me growing up and call me names like naughty dog (to say I was a sense). Are they to be blamed? No- its wasn't their fault and probably not mine either but I was clueless.

What happened? I fell in the love. I mint my now husband in college. He taught and showed me how to be douce. He made me love life, made  me feel and want to exist. All the feelings intensified when we had kids. I felt/feel alive. The boys have made me sweet, although still tough because I am raising boys but sweet. I can relate to emotions and react to them in a suitable manner.

As crazy as this might sound, I love being sweet. So this piece came from this inspiration, my life journey to the discovery of what being "sweet" is/means. My lesson learned?- it is never too late!



- Embroidery hoop is 10"
- African Mud Cloth from Mali in color pink with some white
- The glass beads are in colors gold, magenta and teal (green) 
- The cotton yarn is velvet in blush color
- The length from the embroidery hoop to end of yarn is 29"



- Each piece is unique because it is handmade
- Please allow between 1-2 days for in stock pieces to be shipped and between 3-5 days for made to order pieces