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Meet "Radiant"

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I don't do neutral colors but I have to say, this color palette won my heart. This earthy toned Mud Cloth textile came directly from Mali and I am so happy with the warm tones.

I am radiant- yes, I am. This piece gives me the confidence to stop comparing myself to others. To stand on my side, to stand tall and do me, with all the radiance that exist. It literally screams at me: woman, you are beautifully made, you are you!

If you are also in need of that confidence, you and this piece would most definitely be best buddies. If you project that feeling, so will your home!



- Embroidery hoop is 10"
- African Mud Cloth from Mali in colors black and brown: earthy tones
- The glass beads necklaces are made in black with gold colors
- The cotton yarn is velvet in color black
- The length from the embroidery hoop to end of yarn is 40"



- Each piece is unique because it is handmade
- Please allow between 1-2 days for in stock pieces to be shipped and between 3-5 days for pieces that needs to be created and dispatched