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🌶Don't you dare do it!!!🌶 - No, I am going to do it :)

March 04, 2021

🌶Don't you dare do it!!!🌶 - No, I am going to do it :)

In 2018, I took a year break from my business, for couple of reasons:

- I got pregnant with our second

- We had made the decision to move in with the in-laws to save money for our home
- I needed new inspiration, a direction, a vision
- I was tired, mentally, physically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually
- I didn't want to continue anymore because of 1, 2, 3 and 4

If I am being honest, I never closed my etsy shop, nor put it on vacation mode. I kept it open because deep down I knew how much this side venture meant to me and to God. So sales kept coming in here and there.

I remember how funny it's was: going to our storage to get the product whenever I had a sale 😅

Fast forward to January 2020, my heart ached to create new products again. I had a desire, a vision, capable hands, a creative mind...I had God on my side.

I knew it's was the right time for me to get back to it when one of my brother reached to me to encourage me to open up my shopify store. Ok, he didn't encourage me, he told me to do it. He said to me: You NEED your own website. Use shopify, it is super easy to set up. You know what? I'm coming over this weekend to show you 🤪 (- haha!! To have people that see your potential and believe in you!!! It's truly precious)

But my heart dropped when he said: I will even pay for it, until you know yourself that this is worthy. My friends, for an entire year and half, my brother picked up my shopify tab.

Oh God, what have I done to deserve so much from those that have little too? What have I done to deserve You looking down on me so favorably?

Obviously, my first shopify store was done by me, to the best of my ability and the time I have in hands.

THINGS needs to CHANGE, says the Lord. It is time for a new dimension, the next step.

I asked "what do you mean"

He said: You need a professional website. One done right and not by you.

Last year, that was my biggest investment in my business. I hired Barbara to work on my first ever, professionally done, designed website. What an amazing feeling friends, This accomplishment! - why? Because before 2020, I had never thought about EVER hiring a professional for anything related to this business, never. It's was too far fetch and I didn't think I could find the investment for it.

Oh yeah, getting a professionally designed website, store is an investment. Don't be lied too! You need cash for it...

And here is my reason for this long post (and thank you for having read until this point). For 2021, God came back again and said: It is that time again. The places I am going to take you requires a certain attire, attitude, availability, accountability, accessibility, affordability, hire another professional; Your website needs a sort through!

Me: Gooooooodddd, are you serious? We just did a full on, 360, professionally done website less than a YEAR ago!!!

God: when you say God, what do you see? Trust me, have a seat at my table, eat and drink with me and See*

In January 2021, I worked with Isabelle for this new website. We added some pages here there, moved some items left and right, renamed some, added new photos, videos etc...

Is it where God wants it to be? I'm not sure but I am here, with open ears, waiting for his instructions again.

This store is an extension of my heart which is my home.

I want you to be and feel comfortable, relaxed, joyous, peaceful and at ease when you come over, I mean when you stop by to browse or shop.

So, welcome, my friends, to my online home, the extension of my heart, my home.

Browse around, ask a question, read a blog post or two and SHOP peaceful 😊

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As always, I appreciate you, your support and I love you. Thank you for being part fo this journey. I am excited to see where it takes us 💕

Yours truly, 
Dawn aka Mama D.

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