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Be Intentional with your home and Make a List!

February 04, 2022

Be Intentional with your home and Make a List!

Make a list of things that you think your home is going to need this year...from renovation to accessories. Think about it this way: if nothing could stop you, what would you do to/for your home this year?

Once that list is made than go back to it and make three categories:

Group 1 - a must 
Group 2 - a need 
Group 3- a want but can wait

This way, you will know what to concentrate your energy, your time, your resources and all of you on...

Now remember, everything you put on that list, every decision you make is for YOUR home, it has to be for YOU and whomever lives in that house. Another way to look at it is by asking yourself this question: Who am I doing this for? Who is this home for?

Everyone else should be considered "outsiders" given the privilege to come spend a certain amount of time in your yeah!

At least that's how I see and do it...whatever is done in our home, is first and foremost done for Me and My family: hubby and kids...Everyone else is going to just have to deal with it...PERIOD!

Now, let's have it: what's on your list for your home for 2022?

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